2015 Thorne Cup Playoffs Format

The format and dates for the 2015 Thorne Cup Playoffs can be found below, please note that the Thorne Cup Finals will differ from years past, as the WSHL has chosen to adopt a more “true” playoff format throughout.
Divisional Quarterfinals (March 6-8)
Best-of-three series 
in each division; top two seeds earn a bye into the semi-finals, while the No. 
3 team hosts No. 6 and No. 4 hosts No. 5.
Divisional Semi-finals (March 13-15)
Best-of-three series in each division, with the No. 1 seed hosting the lowest quarterfinal qualifier and No. 2 hosting the second qualifier.
Divisional Finals (March 20-22)
Best-of-three series in each division pitting Winner No. 1 vs. Winner No. 2 from the semi-final round. The higher seeded team will host the series.
Conference Finals (March 27 – 29)
Best-of-three series pitting the Western Division Champion against the Northwest Division Champion and the Mountain Division Champion against the Midwest Division Champion. The team with the better regular season record will host the series.
Thorne Cup Finals (Dates in April TBD)
Best-of-five series between Conference Champions to decide the WSHL Champion. The team with the better regular season record will choose either two home games or three. The final three games of the series will conclude the WSHL schedule. (Explained: If a team elects to have three games at home, they will first have to play two road games to begin the series. If they instead elect to have only two home games, they will begin the series at home.)