23rd Player

The 23rd player of the El Paso Rhinos 25 in 25 is veteran defenseman Ben Vidro.

  Ben Vidro
Number:  12
Hometown: Comfort, TX
Birthdate:  2/12/1991
Position:  Defenseman
Last Team:  El Paso Rhinos
Height:  5′ 9″
Weight:  190
Siblings:  2
Siblings name and age:  Alex – 13 and Isabelle – 17
Mother and Father:  Eileen and Steve
Favorite NHL Team:  Detroit Red Wings
Favorite Player:  Pavel Datsyuk
Favorite Food:  Chicken
Hobbies:  Cooking, video games, being with friends
Accomplishments:  making the Rhinos at 16, excelling at school
Goals:  score goals, get moved up to a higher level
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  It has been amazing because in the 3 years I have been here I’ve become a better person and a better hockey player
Biggest Inspiration:  Dad, sister, Bobby Orr, and Murray Bates

This will be Ben’s third year as a Rhino, he needs to take advantage of his experience as a Rhino and be in the line up every night.  He has a great work ethic and improves everyday.”

Coach Herman