Blue Collar

Hard Work Keeps Winning Tradition Alive

When the El Paso Buzzards disbanded in 2003, ice hockey was gone from the city of El Paso and fans were left without a hockey team to cheer and support.  Cory Herman, a retired professional hockey player, who played for the Buzzards, knew there was a strong fan base in El Paso and wanted to bring the sport back to life.

Cory Herman established the El Paso Rhinos in 2001, and since the Junior A Rhinos’ inaugural season in 2006 the Rhinos have relished in their own success, and the success that the program has brought to El Paso hockey. Winning six division titles since joining the Western States Hockey League and capturing the Throne Cup in 2008, the Rhinos have become a perennial powerhouse in junior hockey.

The achievements the Rhinos have attained are credited to the blue-collar mentality that is instilled in the players and everyone involved in the program.  This means players put in hours of hard work on and off the ice and every day, ranging from workouts to team video. In addition to players, the coaches of the Rhinos also put in the extra time to make sure their players perform at the highest level possible.

The blue collar mentality has helped pushed the Rhinos into becoming one of the most dominant teams in the league and has kept the winning tradition alive. The program is always hungry for more wins and this will be no different in the 2013-2014 season.  For the El Paso Rhinos losing is never tolerated.
This season the Rhinos will look to win their seventh division title with the Thorne Cup title on the Horizon.