Frankie Posillico

Frankie Posillico

What years were you with the Rhinos?
I was with the Rhinos during the 09-10 season as well as the 10 -11 season when we were National Runner- Ups.

How did you become a Rhino?
I was a mid-season member during the 09–10 season.
Go back to when you were here. Describe the season or seasons in which you were here, how you felt, and what you experienced.

After the 09-10 upset, I knew I wanted to come back and avenge what was lost and persistence paid off as the team became second in the country the following year. It was an incredible year and one I will never forget. I would not change one player or any aspect of either year.

What is your most memorable moment as a Rhino?
My most memorable moment as a Rhino was when we beat Boulder the second year to clinch a National Championship birth. It was the icing on the cake!

What is one funny story about your time as a Rhino?

Although there were many, one was when my roommate, Todd Thomas, ate nothing but fast food for a month and cried because it went to his hips. Tyler Beasley and I gave him a hard time about it. The funniest moment, though, was Chip Callahan’s homemade tattoo.
Looking back, what do you miss the most?

I miss watching old man Murray try to skate the 7 am practice or 3 on 2 even though it seemed unfair at times.
Did you continue to play after your time with the Rhinos? And if so, where? Did you receive any awards?
I am currently playing for Curry College.

Is there anyone you that still keep in touch with in El Paso?
I keep in touch with a lot of the guys especially, Todd Thomas, aka “Ya Ya,” and Tyler Beasley, aka “the killer.”

What is one last thing would like to go back and do one last time as a Rhino?
It would definitely be to skate out of that rhino.