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Every morning throughout the summer current players and ex-players from the El Paso Rhinos hockey team head out to the “El Paso Rhinos Training Center” with a gallon of water in hand along with a snack to munch on after a long workout. 

This is all a part of the training camp that goes on during the summer where players are welcome every morning at 7 A.M. to the Rhinos training center to workout in preparation for the fall season.  During this time players and ex-players share tips among one another to help each other stay motivated and to progress in strength and size over the summer.

The organization also offers players a workout plan to further help them achieve their goals during the summer.  The workout plan titled “The Rhino Relentless Workout” can be applied to both males and females and aids players in bulking up and staying fit for the season.  With this program players can take their current workouts to the next level and aids them in becoming better on the ice by shredding fat and building endurance along with muscle mass. 

“The Rhino Relentless Workout” offers a range of exercises all laid out for players to incorporate into their routine.  Of course, like all fitness workouts, dieting tips are also listed to show players which foods are best to eat while trying to bulk up and stay fit.  If players struggle planning a diet they are always encouraged to ask questions to players and coaches.  Players are encouraged to keep a “food journal” documenting each thing they eat throughout the workout day, and at the end of the week, the coaches and trainers go over their diet with each player.  Everyone with the El Paso Rhinos organization is always eager to help teach any player on how to put together a meal plan that is right for him or her. 

With the ongoing summer camp and the “Rhino Relentless Workout” players will learn the proper techniques in weight lifting and strength training to become a complete hockey player both on and off the ice.   

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