Rhinos vs Mini Mites

Sunday, December 15, 2013

El Paso Rhino’s 17 Game Winning Streak Comes To An Abrupt End

The winning streak is over! The El Paso Rhinos looked shocked and defeated as they left the rink on Sunday night as they were defeated by the Rhino Mites(8 under)team. The Rhinos held a late lead at 10 – 9 that they could not hold onto in the last two minutes as the Mites team sent the game into overtime, where they dominated in the shootout. However tiny in stature the Mites were, their hearts and determination were what led them to the overtime victory which they will remember for years to come.

The game came at a perfect time as both teams are preparing for upcoming tournaments. With the El Paso Rhinos moving onto Showcase, it was good to get in some strong competition to prepare for what they might see in Las Vegas. As for the Mites Rhinos, their upcoming games are in Los Alamos over the winter break. They will break in the outdoor rink for the El Paso Rhinos who will play there later this year.


On a serious note, the Mite team would like to thank the Rhinos (Isaak Tjaden, Dakota Beaulieu, Olivier Gervais, David Bures, Fabien Dube, and Kendal Craig) for taking the time out of their busy schedules to make our Mite hockey team feel like champions. The Rhinos’ 2013-2014 season record speaks for itself. They are not only stars on the ice, but within the El Paso community they shine by showing the local children what being a Rhino means through their volunteer events and by taking time for their fans. The Rhinos make time to teach our children on and off the ice by sharing their hockey expertise, talking to their fans, and teaching them the valuable lessons hockey plays in day to day life. Thank-you, good luck in Las Vegas, and GO RHINOS!