Znosko to Play for UTEP

El Paso Rhinos’ forward Lukas Znosko has accepted the opportunity to play for UTEP this year. Znosko was an impact player for the Rhinos during the ’14-’15 season, and will now look forward to improving his game with UTEP.

During his time with the Rhinos, Znosko was able to rack up 12 goals and 24 assists for a total of 36 points in the regular season. Lukas was also a big contributor in the playoffs, scoring two goals inside a total of seven points. Describing his style of play as fast and gritty, the forward enjoys physicality in the corners. Overall, however, he aims to be a team player that adds value in any situation. “I feel like my all-around game on the ice will definitely help the Miners this season. My main goal is to contribute in any way possible to help our team win,” said Znosko.

The location and organization that surround the UTEP Hockey Club helped Znosko make his decision to return to the Sun City. “I chose UTEP because of the great education it offers along with the opportunity to be back in El Paso and playing at the Events Center.” Just like many other northerners, Lukas enjoys El Paso’s climate too.  “Coming from Connecticut, it’s a long way from home but I know the weather is much better in El Paso during the winters!”

Although Lukas Znosko’s tenure as a Rhino was fairly short, he was a very exciting player to watch. We wish Lukas the best of luck this season and look forward to watching him play again in Rhino Country!

-Caleb Colmenero