Rhinos Hire Player Personnel Director

The Rhinos are excited to announce that they have hired Billy Sullivan from the Ontario Hockey League’s London Knights as the new Director of Player Personnel! In his new position, Sullivan will oversee scouting, recruiting and player support. “El Paso is a great city,” he said. “It has a fantastic fan base that shakes the barn. […]

Rhinos Announce NAPHL Team

El Paso Hockey Association to join NAPHL 14U Showcase Division El Paso, TX, April 8th 2021 – The El Paso Hockey Association is excited to announce that they will be joining the NAPHL and participating in the 14U Showcase Division for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.  The NAPHL has established itself, over the past 12 years, […]

Apollo’s March Update

Black rhinos have two horns, which continue to grow throughout their life. The size and shape of the horns vary by individual, but typically, males have thicker horns, while females have longer and thinner ones. (Interestingly, the same generalization applies to male and female elephants and their tusks). When we rescued Apollo as a six-month-old […]

Tendered: Sean Matthews

The Rhinos have tendered another forward for the 2020-21 NAHL team. Learn more about Chicago native Sean Matthews. Chicago forward Sean Matthews met former Rhino and scout Alec Sherman in Minot earlier this year. “A few weeks ago, I talked to him in person for the first time,” Matthews remembers. Throughout their conversation, Sherman expressed a […]