Record: W: 40 – L: 6 – OTL: 1
Division Champions, Thorne Cup Runner Up
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In 2006, retired former El Paso Buzzards professional hockey player Cory Herman founded the El Paso Rhinos. The Buzzards had ceased operations in 2003 and Herman wanted to bring ice hockey back to the city of El Paso. With the support of his family and former Buzzard patrons, the team began their first season as a Junior B team.

With its debut as a WSHL team, the franchise’s first regular season was a winning one. Many Rhinos players found success in higher levels of ice hockey after their first successful season in El Paso. Early Rhinos alums like Tad Norris, Corey Jendras, Zach Jaraczewski, and Derrick Brennan all moved on to have stellar seasons in higher junior leagues and even college hockey.