El Paso Rhinos Training Center

Aug 10, 2011

Just over a year old the El Paso Rhinos training center received its first major renovation this past weekend.  The expansion to the training center and improvements to the skating treadmill were very important in the development of the Rhino players.

The El Paso Rhinos Training Center is a state of the art training facility which follows a hockey specific training protocol.

The extension of a shooting tunnel from the skating treadmill.  Players can shoot, stick handle and receive passes while skating on the treadmill.

Training Center 017.JPG

With the addition of a flat screen TV players on the treadmill can preview each drill before they skate.

Training Center 020.JPG

The actual training center floor plan doubled over the weekend.  All players that train in the training center are privately trained, with the expansion of the center the Rhinos have announced the hiring of a second strength and conditioning coach, Lincoln Nguyen.

Training Center 002.JPG

For more information on the training center please click here.