Former Rhinos return to get in shape

Former Rhinos return to get in shape!

Former Rhinos players, Austin Balko, Nick Gualano, Trevor Erickson, Tyler Ridgedell, Vinny Bohn, spent part of their summer in the Rhinos Training Center .

Returning to get the kinks out and their heart rates up the ex-Rhinos went through 2 a day workouts  to get physically prepared for the coming season.

“I’m in the best shape of my life without a doubt” said former Captain Austin Balko, “I got here in late June and have been at it pretty much all summer”,.

Gualano, and Erickson however were late comers to the party. “we got here last week but we’ve both been working out on our own a lot  but we wanted to get some time on the treadmill, next summer we’re getting here earlier though, said Erickson, “it was tough, but I’m glad we made it down, definitely wanna get here early next summer” said Gualano.

Along with the treadmill work , the boys were put through their paces by Vinny’s brother Anthony Bohn.

Anthony has been a great addition for us, he’s really good for the guys because he pushes them but he’s working out with them the whole time” said Rhinos coach Cory Herman.

“Ant is a beast, said Balko, he worked us hard especially on Fridays, but I can see it’s going to make a difference.”

“Having them back in El Paso is great, I hope we start getting more and more of them back every year, it’s good to see them and I get to relate to them on a little different plane, but when they come down, I know it’s good to see old team mates and whatnot, but if they’re here they’re here to work, so I keep my eye on them to make sure they don’t take this like it’s a vacation, I now their parents are expecting them to be working hard so they better be, there is plenty of time to play after workouts” said Herman

And play they did as evidence by the above picture.

Gualano and Erickson are truly Rhinos for life!