2nd in 25

This is our second player in the El Paso Rhinos 25 players in 25 days

Name:  Max Dizgun
Number:  1
Hometown:  Montreal, QC
Birthdate:  07/07/92
Position: Goalie
Last Team:  Saint Andrews Saints
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight:  155
Siblings:  1
Siblings name and age:  Michael – 20
Mother and Father:  Anna & Steve
Favorite NHL Team:  Montreal Canadiens
Favorite Player:  Robeto Luongo
Favorite Band & Song:  Taylor Swift – Every sons
Favorite Food:  Steak
Accomplishments:  Winning the championship in prep hockey, being attack player of the year in lacrosse
Goals:  To reach division 1 or division 3
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  It has been very professional and alot of fun
Biggest Inspiration:  My parents