7 of 25

The seventh installment of 25 players in 25 days is Colorado Springs forward and first year Rhino Donald Geary.

  Donald Geary
Number:  18
Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO
Birthdate:  7/21/89
Position: Forward
Last Team:  Rampart Rams
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight:  195
Siblings:  1
Siblings name and age:  Hannah – 22
Mother and Father:  Donna and Dean
Favorite NHL Team:  Colorado Avalanche
Favorite Player:  Chris Drury
Favorite Band & Song:  Linkin Park
Favorite Food:  Mrs Bechtold’s Brocchili Chedder Soup
Hobbies:  NHL 09, watching the TV show Friends
Accomplishments:  Colorado’s Hockey Player of the Year in 2008, All Time point leader in high school hockey in Colorado Springs
Goals:  Play Division 1 College hockey, become more in touch with Christ
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  Rhino locker room is unbelievable, players are very accepting
Biggest Inspiration:  Christ and Anna Bechtold