9 Players in 25 Days

Eighth installment of 25 players in 25 days is veteran Rhino forward from Wisconsin Rapids Anthony Knuth.

  Anthony Knuth
Number:  10
Hometown:  Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Birthdate:  2/25/89
Position: Forward
Last Team:  El Paso Rhinos
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight:  175
Siblings:  3
Siblings name and age:  Greg – 24, Mike – 26, Jon – 17
Mother and Father:  Beth & Todd
Favorite NHL Team:  Minnesota Wild
Favorite Player:  Marian Gaborik
Favorite Band & Song:  OAR – About Mr Brown
Favorite Food:  Steak
Hobbies:  Golf
Accomplishments:  Made state trip 3 times in High School Hockey
Goals:  Become more physical, gain more muscle, stopping and starting
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  As a Rhino I have become a more determined player.  I now know I can’t settle for anything.  I can move up in the hockey world just with the help from teammates and coaches
Biggest Inspiration:  My Family

“Anthony is a very hard worker and very determined.  We will be expecting him to play well in big situations”

Coach Herman