9th Annual Teddy Bear Toss on March 24

On Friday, March 24, the Rhinos will host the 9th annual teddy bear toss in memory of Joni Arnett.

Joni tragically lost her life nearly 10 years ago. She was a former model, UTEP professor, and well respected member of the community.  She was also involved in many charities throughout her young life and giving, especially where children were involved, was very important to her.

Last year, fans tossed hundreds of teddy bears after forward Bryton Tomko put the Rhinos on the board. You can see the goal and the teddy bear toss here.

This season, fans are asked to bring any stuffed animal and toss them onto the ice after the Rhinos’ first goal on Friday. All stuffed animals will be collected and donated to children in crises.