Alaskans Return

Henne and Wallace return

Development is something the Rhinos take seriously.

Bringing in young players and developing them within the system is a goal every year.

It can be made a little more difficult when these young men move away from home for the first time, especially when home is so far away.


Last season Ben Henne and Keenan Wallace made that move.

This season they return with a year’s experience under their belt, and will be looked upon to contribute and take on more responsibility as veterans.

Ben Henne

Henne, built like a fire hydrant, 5’8” 185lbs, stocky and solid.

He showed offensive touch last season and should contribute considerably this season.

“Ben learned a lot last season and developed a lot as a player and a person.  He learned to play within a system, he had to learn how to play in all zones.  We are looking for him to be one of our top offensive players this season”.

-Cory Herman


Keenan Wallace

With youth comes potential, and Wallace has the size and all the tools, to be a top goaltender.

“Keenan’s a good goaltender I knew that last season, he’s technically sound, even more so than Artie (Thorne Cup winning ex-Rhino goaltender) Hollinger was,  with the way he developed last season, and if he continues to progress at the same rate this next season, he should, as a 19 year old be one of the top goalies in the league”.

– David Herman Rhinos Goalie Coach


“Keenan paid his dues last season as our third string goalie and with his work ethic he should play a bigger and more significant role for us this year”. 

-Cory Herman