Apollo’s July 2022 Update

Aug 15, 2022

This month wasn’t without drama — and predictably, it all centered around Apollo. A huge wild bull elephant has taken up residence around Kaluku. While he certainly commands respect, Apollo is not afraid of him and would happily seize any opportunity to challenge him. The KWS rangers assigned to the protection of Apollo have a real challenge on their hands, chasing off the bull in a delicate way that doesn’t also set Apollo on the run.

Apollo has expanded his patch and is spending a lot of time down at the river. He has discovered the mud bath we created for two neonate orphaned elephants who are being raised close to Angela’s house. Apollo quickly commandeered it as his own, so he stops there for a morning wallow, before heading to the regular mud bath in the afternoon. With all this travelling to and fro, his Keepers are building a worthwhile sweat and keeping very fit!