Apollo’s June 2022 Update

Aug 2, 2022

When it’s warm, the Keepers struggle to convince Apollo to leave the mud bath. Now that it’s chilly, however, he refuses to get anywhere near it. He still enjoys his dust baths, but anything involving mud or water is a no-go for our young rhino. Because it is very dry in Tsavo, we are supplementing Apollo’s diet with lucerne pellets. However, he refuses to eat this unless his Keepers have moisturised it with water. This is quite an unusual demand, as all other orphans eat theirs dry. But then again, rhinos are known for their quirks!

A semi-wild female buffalo recently joined the Kaluku crowd. She is slightly older than Mkubwa and gets along with all the orphans, particularly Apollo. They have become preferred playmates, as Susu, Mkubwa, Kwale, Scooter and the others watch on.