Apollo’s June Update

Jul 25, 2021

This month, Kaluku was abuzz with activity. Nearly every single night, wild elephants converged outside the stockade compound, which naturally created a flurry of excitement among the orphans. Most mornings Apollo was on a mission to catch a glimpse of these elusive creatures. First thing, he would follow their footprints deep into the bush, rather dictating the routes for the day: He has an impressive sense of scent and is very adept at tracking. Some days, the Keepers even struggled to keep up with his dogged pursuit of the elephants!

Because it has gotten cooler, Apollo’s energy levels are up. When the mood strikes him, he can run quite fast and derives great enjoyment from galloping around his Keepers. If it was particularly chilly, he would forgo the mud bath altogether. In these instances, a light dusting was all he desired. Some evenings, he was reluctant to return to his stockade. This stubborn streak presented a challenge for his Keepers, who had to pull out all the stops to coax him home for bedtime.

Apollo has mellowed out a lot in recent months. He went through a brief hot-headed phase, but now he is much calmer. He loves his Keepers and is very affectionate towards them. It is very dry at the moment, so the Keepers are focused on helping Apollo find ample browse. This is a full time job for such a big boy, and days are spent searching out patches of his favourite vegetation.

While he has yet to spot his elusive nighttime elephant visitors, Apollo was treated to plenty of wildlife encounters this month. Impala, waterbuck, buffalo, and a tame zebra herd frequently crossed his path. He is never too bothered by these encounters, as he is far more focused on his own activities.