Cesarz BCHL Bound


Cowichan Welcomes Chad Cesarz

In late April, Chad Cesarz travelled to Duncan, British Columbia, Canada to compete for a spot on the Cowichan Valley Capitals’ team. Out of 120 players, including other Rhinos, Tyler Basham and Austin Hoff, Chad Cesarz was named to the twenty player roster.

“I did what I needed to do to put myself out there to make a big statement,” Cesarz recounted. “However, I wouldn’t be where I am without the Rhinos.” He credits El Paso with improving his game in general, specifically his quickness and vision. Three hour intense practices coupled with an “unbelievable” Training Center, Cesarz acknowledged that, “El Paso has every tool to get better at the game.” And Chad utilized the tools. In 44 regular season games, the center had 48 points and in the postseason, he totaled nine points in seven games.

The franchise is also staffed with experienced coaches and trainers. “The coaching staff is serious. They know how to push you and make you a better player. Coach Cory Herman, specifically, helped me get to the next level. He is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.” Herman also had great things to say about the center, “Chad is an exceptional player. He has a great work ethic and works hard on and off the ice.  When he came to us last year, he set his goal to play at a higher level and we are very proud that his hard work has paid off.”

Looking forward to the upcoming season, Chad has already moved in with his billet family in BC. “The Capitals have good coaches, they have treated me with care and the franchise has really welcomed me.” Looking to lengthen his career, Cesarz knows that the BCHL is a good league for exposure to colleges and Herman is confident that he will succeed as a member of any roster. “Chad will make an impact on his team. When he plays to his strengths, he makes a difference on the ice.”
Expecting a positive transition to Canada, the Michigan native admits that he will miss the Texas franchise. “El Paso is one of the best places to go to move on. With a great group of guys, the fans, the arena—nothing compares to it. This is one of the best environments I have been in.” A great match for the both the player and the team, the Rhinos are glad that Chad Cesarz had the chance to stop in El Paso during his career.