Supporting the Community

During the 2012 season the El Paso Rhinos saw tremendous increase in fan support.  Fan attendance records were shattered this past season thanks in part to the entire community and support from fans from around the country.  Looking ahead into the 2013 season the Rhinos are looking for that trend to continue.  The community has always showed their support for the El Paso Rhinos and the Rhinos haven’t been shy about stepping in to show their support for the community as well.
In the past seasons, the El Paso Rhinos have been involved in many events that have helped the community.  From auctioning off jerseys for a special cause or participating in a school event to help teens who may be struggling in high school, the Rhinos continually look for ways to be active in every single area of the community.
This past season the El Paso Rhinos along with the many Rhino fans helped to donate money to the St. Baldricks Foundation which helps raise money for childhood cancer research.  All the players and staff from the Rhinos shaved their head in support of the event and did not hesitate to step in and do so.
The entire organization recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and is always committed to giving back to the people who have always showed their support.