Get to Know Your Rhinos

Mar 19, 2015

As the team powers through the playoffs, some players will be donning the Rhinos jersey for the last time. The team has bonded and become a brotherhood over the last few months. In order to relax some of the mental strain that comes along with the playoffs, we sat down with a few of the guys to ask some fun questions about their teammates. After all — it is a brotherhood — and brothers are very good at picking on one another!
Loudest teammate?
“Probably Gavin Abbott. He tries to get everyone going when we’re quiet.” – Kendal Craig
 “Gavin, at the house he just comes in screaming, playing air guitar.” – Jordan Cullum
“Gavin… he thinks he’s gangster.” – Patrick Gleason
“Patrick Gleason or Gavin Abbott are loud.” – David Brancik
“Especially Patrick Gleason… everyday.” – Jiri Pestuka
“Probably (Martin) Hanl. He doesn’t know much English so, he’s always yelling and shouting in Czech.” – Jonah
Funniest teammate?
“(Martin) Hanl, he doesn’t speak English but, he always wants to try.” – Adam Vay
“Hanl tries so hard (to speak English). He’s like a little kid.” – Kendal Craig
“Hanl. Not on purpose. This kid was living at my house for about two weeks and he was eating ketchup sandwiches. Wildest thing I’ve ever seen. He ate it several times a day.” – Gavin Abbott
“Jiri (Pestuka), he is making jokes all the time… and Patrick Gleason.” – David Brancik
“…and Marek Langhammer, but he doesn’t speak good English so his jokes are always for European guys.” – Jiri
NHL 15 on Xbox?
“Jesse (Esposito), he knows all the moves.” – Adam Vay
 “(Sebastian) Borg. He’s unreal. He scored five goals on me in the first period one time.” – Kendal Craig
 “Borg goes the hardest for sure. He gets really rattled if he loses.” – Jonah Pearson
 “Who is the best? Me.” – Jiri Pestuka
“Between Gavin and (Jordan) Cullum. Jiri’s no good. On ice? Yeah. But, not the video game.” – Patrick Gleason
Most time in front of the mirror?
“I’d say Jiri or maybe (Marek) Langhammer… just admiring themselves.” – Jonah Pearson
“David (Brancik), every time he goes to the shower he checks his muscles… everyday.” – Jiri Pestuka
“Adam (Vay), he is looking at his muscles all the time.” – David Brancik
“Adam Vay. He just likes to check out his body.” – Kendal Craig
“Znosko for sure. Especially when he used to have hair. All he does is talk about his hair, ‘does it look good?’ All
the time! Znosko definitely.” – Patrick Gleason
“Patty G (Patrick Gleason) when he used to have that little hair flip in the back. He used to stand there for hours
and get the hairspray going.” – Jordan Cullum
Secret Justin Bieber fan?
“Maybe Adam (Vay).” – David Brancik
“Maybe (Bryton) Tomko.” – Patrick Gleason
“(John) Bowen for sure. We walk into his room all the time and he’s dancing in front of the mirror.” – Jonah Pearson
Nerdiest teammate?
“Kendal (Craig). He’s just got that thing about him.” – Jordan Cullum
“Kendal Craig. He’s just got that… like, he’s into Harry Potter and that kind of stuff. He’s obsessed with Clash of
Clans on his phone. That kind of nerdy stuff.” – Patrick Gleason
“I’m not the only one who plays Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is awesome!” – Kendal Craig
“Probably Jonah (Pearson). He’s the youngest. He just kind of seems like he’s the nerdiest.” – Kendal Craig
“Pearson. He just gives out that vibe. He reads books before he comes to practice in the morning… like 5 am!” –
Gavin Abbott
Snacks the most?
“(Mitch) Cobby for sure. All he eats is oatmeal cream pies and Pringles… and frozen TV dinners.” – Patrick
“When Hanl was living with us, he was eating pretty bad. But, now he’s got home cooked meals so I think he’s
doing alright.” – Gavin Abbott
Most likely to end up on a reality show?
“Jiri (Pestuka). There is a Czech show where hockey players who are done with their career dance.” – David
“Jiri for sure. Jiri’s a superstar, bro.” – Jordan Cullum
“(Lukas) Znosko. Probably Big Brother or The Real World. He’s from out east so he reminds me of a Jersey Shore
type guy.” – Jonah Pearson
“John Bowen. He’s gonna make his own Jersey Shore.” – Kendal Craig
Best Dresser?
“A couple of guys, Adam (Vay) and Jiri (Pestuka).” – David Brancik
“Jiri’s got pretty good style.” – Jordan Cullum
“Vay gets pretty spiffed up.” – Lukas Znosko
“Jiri has a good style.” – Adam Vay
“Koler (Kanistanaux), he’s always rocking the bow ties.” – Patrick Gleason
“(Dominique) Pozzi’s pretty dressed up for game days. He’s got nice suits.” – Jonah Pearson
The Rhinos play the Oklahoma City Blazers on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm. If necesary, they will play game three on Sunday at 4:30 pm. Purchase your tickets here