Gleason Becomes a Miner

Sep 7, 2015

Patrick Gleason has decided to take his talents to UTEP after playing with the El Paso Rhinos for the 2014-2015 season.

Despite suffering a knee injury during the 2014-2015 season, the 5’10 180 lbs. defenseman was a vocal leader both on-and-off the ice. “One thing that I’m known for is my leadership. I just always try to get my teammates inspired and pumped-up before the game.”

Although he only totaled 79 penalty minutes in his career as a Rhino, Patrick is a defensive defenseman that won’t hesitate to drop the gloves. His playing style is modeled after his cousin, Tim Gleason, who last played for the Washington Capitals. “He is strong, smart, a great defensemen and good fighter. I try to play my game just like him,” Gleason explains.

After two seasons with the Rhinos, the Michigan D-man’s decision to return was partly influenced by UTEP’s coaching staff. “I was really excited to hear that Tom (Herman) was going to be the head coach. That was a big reason why I chose UTEP,” said Gleason. The other reason was, of course, the passionate support of the fans of hockey in the Sun City. “I love El Paso especially because of the awesome support and energy the fans brought to every game during my time as a Rhino. El Paso is now a place I can call home.”

Patrick Gleason will certainly be missed by all El Paso Rhinos fans in El Paso, but luckily they can still cheer him on wearing orange and blue.

-Caleb Colmenero