Gunnar Easterson Signs for 20-21 Season

Jun 24, 2020

Why did you decide to re-sign with the Rhinos?
As a returning player, I know that the Rhinos will continue to fine tune my skills and put me in an atmosphere where I will succeed.

What makes playing in El Paso so special?
Playing in El Paso is a unique opportunity because no other organization has such dedicated coaches and staff. And the crowd is like no other junior hockey team’s.

What is your favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos?
My favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos would have to be the recognition I get from the people all around El Paso.

What are your goals as a hockey player?
I hope to eventually play hockey for a NCAA Division I school where I can extend my hockey career and continue academically as well.

What is the one game day ritual you need to do before each game?
Before every game, I always have to take a long shower before I leave for the rink to help calm my nerves for the game ahead.