Holidays with the Rhinos

Dec 24, 2015

Mike Polito:
  • Typically my family and I tend to relax and spend time together.
  • The best holiday gift I’ve received is a car.
  • Looking forward to playing pond hockey and catching up with friends and family.
Nathan Luznar-Purdy:
  • My family usually gets together on Christmas Eve and has a big feast before watching Polar Express. Watching the movie was a tradition with my cousins and me and now it’s a tradition with my cousin’s kids.
  • When I was 12, I received a Nike Bauer 40 stick which was the first top-of-the-line stick I ever had.
  • I look forward to spending time with my family and friends.
Jack Dunnell:
  • My family and I always eat dinner together and have a party with my relatives.
  • The best gift I’ve received was the present that Mack Hollis gave me for Secret Santa this year.
  • I look forward to ice fishing in Minnesota and hanging out with friends and skating at outdoor rinks.
Ryan Buttazzoni:
  • My dad and our friends usually go to the mountains to go snowmobiling. My family just hangs out together and we find fun stuff to do.
  • I would say the best gift I ever received would be my first set of hockey gear.
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and friends and having some fun while I’m back at home.
Brandyn Fogarty:
  • Every year on Christmas day everyone on my Dad’s side of the family goes to my Aunt’s house for Christmas dinner.
  • The best holiday gift(s) I have received are all of the hockey equipment I’ve been given every year.
  • The thing I’m most looking forward to over the break is spending time with my friends and family.
Connor Beaudet:
  • Every Christmas Eve we go to a family friend’s house and eat and play board games. On Christmas we have a big brunch and a family day were everyone stays in and just hangs out with each other. 
  • Best gift I’ve ever received? I was probably in 5th grade and it was a metal Easton hockey stick that just came out. I’ve never been so surprised before.
  • Over break I’ll just be happy to be back with my family. They support me a lot and for what they do for me, I can’t repay them. So just to spend time with them and enjoy the laughs means a lot.
Evan Hunchar:
  • For the holidays we always have dinner on Christmas Eve and then our good family friends have a party that we go to. On Christmas Eve we’ll spend the whole day at our cousin’s house. 
  • Every year I really just ask for clothes, so whenever I get a nice shirt or pants that I look good in, I’m really excited about it.
  • Thing I look forward to most during break is having some down time and being able to hang out with my friends from high school. 


Austin Grawbarger:

  • I’ll be spending the Holidays with Mack Hollis in Vancouver this year. 
  • My favorite gift is nice coffee from Tim Horton’s.
  • I’m looking forward to opening gifts that Santa left me on Christmas morning. 


Mack Hollis:

  • My family and I keep Christmas very family oriented. We visit both sides of the family often and have two big dinner/parties.
  • The best holiday gift I have received is my dog Duke as a puppy two years ago for Christmas.
  • The one thing I’m looking forward to over the break is having a few weeks to relax, not think about hockey and see my family.