Hollinger Commits

May 21, 2009

Arthur Cartrell Hollinger’s Junior Hockey resume is impressive.
2 Seasons
10 Shutouts
.914 Save Pct.
2.37 GAA
2 Midwest Championships
1 WSHL Thorne Cup Championship
2008 All WSHL Team
2 National Tournament Births
He departs the Rhinos program as he came in…… a winner.
Artie, or King as he is also known, has been an anchor between the pipes for the Rhinos from the time he put on the silver, black and orange.
“He gave us a chance to win every game we were in, and you can’t ask for more than that from a goalie.”- Coach Cory Herman.
Artie will now embark on the next phase of his hockey life as he moves to Vermont.
The Homer Glen, Illinois native will now don the green and white of the Castleton State Spartans.
An Interview with Arthur Hollinger…
 What schools were you looking at?
I was looking at Lebanon Valley College, UW- Stevens Point and Castleton State College.
What made you decide on Castleton state?
Castleton State provided the best opportunity for me.
Last season they finished 2nd in the ECAC East. Not only are they competitive but also only have one returning goalie who will be a sophomore, which gives me an opportunity to get a decent amount of playing time.
Was Coach Todd involved in your recruiting?
Well I had talked to Coach Ben Murphy at nationals and he told me I should give Coach Todd a call so I did. He helped me get all my stuff together and get me accepted to school as fast as possible.
What are your family’s thoughts about your signing?
My family is very excited. They always want me to be happy with hockey and since I am very happy with this decision they support me through it.
Where do you think your biggest hurdle will be, on the ice or in the classroom?
Well that’s an easy one. It will definitely be in the classroom seeing as I haven’t been to school in a while. I haven’t been to school since I graduated high school class of 07. It’s not something that worries me though. Just a little hard work and studying I should be able to get into the swing of things quickly.
Do you feel you’re well suited and prepared for the college game?
Yes, during the summer I skate with players that play at the college level D-1 and D-3 so I don’t think that adjusting to the college game will be an issue.
Was Coach Herman involved/helpful during the recruiting process?
Coach Herman has always been behind me 100%. He is always willing to help me in any way possible. If I need him to make a phone call or send an email he does it on the spot.
Looking back 2 years did things turn out how you had hoped?
Yes, I couldn’t ask for anymore. Going into junior hockey my goal was to play college hockey for a well-established team. I have been given that opportunity and will make the best of it.
You had a very prolific and decorated career as a Rhino.
Do you feel like you became a better player playing for Coach Herman?
Yes, Coach Herman’s way of coaching really makes you respect him not only as a coach but also a person. That respect makes you feel that you need to give him your best efforts at all times. From giving him my best effort day in and day out I felt I really matured as a player and person.
 What makes Coach Herman a good coach?
A lot of factors go into being a good coach. Coach Herman has those he knows the game very well. He has a good way of explaining what and how he wants you to get things done. As I mentioned before his coaching style really makes you respect him and respect goes a long way.
Looking back at your experience in El Paso, would you do it all again the same way?
I wouldn’t change a thing… well maybe I would of invested in some black pants haha.
You and your family are a huge part of the Rhino program.
We’d love to keep in touch with your continuing career as a player.
Will you continue to keep in touch with Coach Herman and the Rhino program?
Of course, I have some of the best hockey memories of my life in El Paso. I will keep in touch every now and again and update everyone on how my career plays out. Thank you to everyone in El Paso from coach to Mur to the fans every one for making El Paso my home for the past 2 years. I had a blast and good luck to the boys for next season!
“Artie has the knack to come up with a big save when a team really needs it”
“Artie is a true competitor and he excels in big games, his experiences playing at nationals for many years will only help in his hockey career.”
“When you look back at the last two seasons, no question Artie is a great athlete but more importantly he\’s a great person”
– Rhino Head Coach Cory Herman