KFOX14 Feature: Clement Twins

It’s never a surprise seeing an El Pasoan on the Rhinos hockey team, but the team has never had twin brothers from the Sun City on the roster at the same time, until now.

“To be able to be part of the team and dress in the locker room, it’s very special to us,” said Jonathan Clement.

It’s a dream turned reality for the Clement brothers.

“You grow up and you watch these guys at a young age, and you idolize them,” said Jonathan Clement.

Jacob and Jonathan Clement are the first twin brothers from El Paso to ever play for the Rhinos.

“Growing up you see them play, you see how dominate they are, how awesome it is but once you’re in that locker room, especially the first practice, you see how hard they work. It makes you appreciate it even more and as soon as you put on that jersey, it’s like, ‘Wow. I made it. It’s time to go.’ It’s pretty awesome,” said Jacob Clement.

“I was nervous the first time. I didn’t want to ruin anything in there or just get in anybody’s way, so I kinda just sat down and kept my mouth shut,” said Jonathan Clement.

Their dad was stationed at Fort Bliss years ago and took the twins to their first Rhinos game.

“As soon as they built the rink, he brought us down here, started skating and we just had season tickets ever since,” said Jonathan Clement.

Coach Cory Herman is no stranger to having at least one El Pasoan on the team. In fact, it’s been that way since 2013.

Jacob’s only be a minute older than Jonathan, but the sibling rivalry is still there.

“We used to get in fights. I mean it got pretty serious, we’ve gotten kicked off the ice but as we’ve grown up, we’ve matured but we still are definitely competitive,” said Jacob Clement.

KFOX14 sports anchor Patrick Chalvire asked the brothers who was the most athletic.

“Oh, I think we all know that answer. It’s me,” said Jonathan Clement.

“And I would say it’s me. So I don’t know. You can ask anyone on the team, anybody that watches, we have pretty different games, but they complement each other pretty well,” said Jacob Clement.

The twins plan to continue to grow as hockey players. Beyond that, however, they hope their hard work will rub off on future El Paso hockey fans, with the goal of them not being the last El Paso brothers to play for the Rhinos.

“I think it’s our turn to show the kids that are showing up for the games that they can play for the Rhinos, too,” said Jacob Clement.

The Clement brothers went to school at Silva Magnet High School before moving to New Hampshire to continue playing hockey.


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