Lazarski Headed to UTEP

Sep 4, 2015

Alek Lazarski will be playing hockey for the UTEP Miners in 2015. The 5’9’’ 165lb goal-tender played for the El Paso Rhinos last season and was a key player to the team during their playoff run. Acquired late into the season, Alek only played four games but his contribution in the post-season carried the Rhinos to the Thorne Cup finals.

After a short time in the Sun City, Lazarski made it clear that he wanted to stay in El Paso to continue to play hockey. “I think what really influenced me to stay was the connection I had with my teammates on-and-off the ice,” said Lazarski. This bond coupled with the opportunity to play hockey while receiving an education made UTEP hockey a significant contender in Lazarski’s post-junior hockey plans.

Although his journey in collegiate hockey is just at the beginning, Lazarski knows that even after college, he always wants to be involved in the sport. “I still have some time to think about the future, but wherever I end up, I want to definitely stay involved in hockey. Whether it’s a coach, player, or staff member I will always have a passion for the game,” stated Lazarski.

-Caleb Colmenero