Load Up

Jun 27, 2013

Load Up

As the El Paso Rhinos gear up for the 2013 season, the program offers plenty of incentives for players to enjoy throughout the season.  These amenities are for the players brought to them by the organization for use during the season.

The Rhinos team bus is just one other example the program offers the players during the season.

The team bus is a massive motor coach that has the Rhinos logo on the side, so people recognize who is rolling into town ready to play on the ice. 

Inside the team bus are lounges for both players and coaches to enjoy while they ride to their next destination.

If players feel like relaxing and keeping up with ongoing news from the sports world such as ESPN, players can do so by watching DirecTV on a 48 inch HD TV and for those players who are movie buffs, there are DVD players ready for use at any time.  Players can also get their game on with the XBOX 360 that is also included in the bus and players can keep up with the hottest games that are released.

When players feel like taking a break from everything, the bus is equipped with bunk beds each with their own lights and heating and cooling systems to make sure those players can relax and take a break when needed.

The El Paso Rhinos will continue to add services each season for the players to help them become more efficient and so that the players are offered the best equipment possible.