Lucky 13

Sep 20, 2009

The “Lucky 13” installment is second year Rhino veteran fiesty forward David Fegler from Maryland

  David Fegler
Number:  14
Hometown:  Mt. Airy, Maryland
Birthdate:  9/08/1990
Position:  Forward
Last Team:  El Paso Rhinos
Height:  6′ 0″
Weight:  205
Siblings:  1
Siblings name and age:  Marcella – 13
Mother and Father:  Claudia and David
Favorite NHL Team:  Washington Capitals
Favorite Player:  Alexander Ovechin
Favorite Band & Song:  Craig Morgan – Red Neck Yaught Club
Favorite Food:  Steak
Hobbies:  Fish, Hunt, Gym and hanging out with friends
Accomplishments:  Graduated high school and received player of the year for the 06-07 season
Goals:  To play DI or DIII college hockey and then work for the DEA
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  I have never seen anything like it.  The fans are great and the team has a great bond.  Every game home game is better than the last and we come to win everytime.
Biggest Inspiration:  My mother, father and grandmother.

“This season David needs to be one of our best fore checkers and penalty killers.  He has a great work ethic on and off the ice.”

Coach Herman