Mack Hollis

Sep 18, 2015

Mac Hollis is set to return for another season in a Rhinos uniform. Hollis is a great prospect as a defender, and his metrics are what make him so intriguing.

Standing tall at 6’4’’ and weighing in 240 lbs., Hollis is certainly no player to get into a fight with. His upside as a defenseman is definitely off-the-charts simply because of his size. Combine his metrics with his skills on the ice, and Hollis looks ready to become an even better hockey player this upcoming season. Although Hollis only contributed in seven games last year, he was always prepared play during every match.

Hollis is almost certain to have a chance at lots of playing time this year and his veteran presence will provide much-needed depth to make the Rhinos look even better on paper and on the ice.

-Caleb Colmenero