Military Weekend w/ The Hanson Brothers

Jan 23, 2008

Friday night the Rhinos will be holding a special auction for anyone (you must be able to skate ANY AGE CAN DO THIS) to win the chance to be the third Hanson Brother.

The winner will go to lunch with the Hanson Brothers Saturday at noon, dress with them in their locker room with the official Hanson Brother\’s attire, and perform with them on the ice during their performance.  For the entire night you will be the THIRD HANSON BROTHER.

All this is the icing on the cake to what is our annual Military Appreciation Night.

Saturday Night at 5:00 pm our good friends at Fort Bliss will be honoring our fans by bringing a Patriot Missile System, M1A2SEP Main Battle Tank and M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle; the most modern and lethal armored vehicles in the world.  Fans will be allowed to get in the vehicles, take pictures and talk to Soldiers

The National Guard will also be bringing a climbing wall for kids to tryout.

Your Rhinos will be wearing special military appreciation jerseys that were designed by the Army and will be auctioned off at the end of the night

This night is an absolute can\’t miss, and is almost sold out.

Come watch the Rhinos play and help us pay tribute to the U.S. Army.

Get your tickets immediately!!!