More Rhino Signees

Aug 28, 2008

With all the new signees the Rhinos have also picked up a couple of players with Junior experience.
Coming into a new season it helps to have experience.
The Rhinos 2 newest players will help by bringing their talent to the team, but one big intangible will be their experience playing Juniors at this level
Braxton Green and William Gillis
Braxton Green
5’ 10
Birthyear: ‘88
Shot: R
Braxton is a self described “playmaker”.
Acquired in a trade with the Colorado Outlaws for Zac Swank .”
“For  my last season of Juniors I want to try and make a run at winning Nationals.”
“I wanted to play on a powerhouse team, and then hopefully move on to play college hockey”.
William Gillis
Birthyear: ‘89
Shot: R
Described as a power forward, who can score, Will played for Helena of the NORPAC last season before sustaining a season ending injury in late November.

“I had read and heard a lot about the Rhino organization, Helena was great, but I wanted a change of scenery, El Paso has had a lot of success as a team and in advancing players”.

“I want to eventually play college hockey and I felt El Paso was the right place for me to be able to help me accomplish that.”