New Season

Jun 18, 2013

Continued Success Endures Into the New Season

After coming off from another spectacular season, the El Paso Rhinos are poised to take the ice this fall, as the organization continues to grow and expand each year.  Every season the program continues to add a variety of amenities that are available to both players and coaches, which help serve as the portals to the next level.

A state of the art training facility was added to help players during practice in both strength and conditioning.  Other state of the art machines assist players in improving their skating skills.  “The Edge” a skating treadmill at the facility helps players become more accustomed with skating on the ice.  “The Edge” also trains players to shoot and pass with precision while shifting back and forth around the rink.

Equipment at the training center has been upgraded this summer, which includes personalized machines from Samson to help further improve training for players and to ensure players only receive the best equipment possible. Samson also personalized the equipment to have the Rhino logo.  The training center is in construction of their soon to be “cardio room” containing upwards of 8 bikes.

Coming off the 2012 season, the El Paso Rhinos also saw a record increase in fan attendance.  During last season the Rhinos sold out 16 out of 25 games breaking every attendance record in the league placing the arena also referred to as “the barn”, as one of the most difficult places for visiting teams to play in.  The records include most sold out crowds in a season, biggest crowd in a season, and overall total attendance for the year.  The fan support has helped the Rhino’s gain many local and national business sponsorships creating many promo and giveaway nights.

Heading into the 2013 season, the heavy involvement in the program by both EPHA members and fan support from around El Paso and the country has helped the Rhinos to become one of the most successful and one of the premier teams within the league.