Nick Wright

Sep 5, 2013

Name: Nick Wright
Birthday: 7/14/1993
Position: Defense
Hometown: New Boston Michigan
Years with the Rhinos?

This will be my second year.
What are you looking forward to this season?

I look forward to returning to El Paso to be with the best fans in junior hockey and to be with the boys playing the game I love.
What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My goals for this season are the same as every Rhino: to win the Thorne Cup and bring home a National Championship title.
What is one of the funniest moments you’ve had during your time as a Rhino?

One funny moment…. Well the best one that comes to mind was when Coach would separate the D  for defensive drills. About mid-way into the season we started a new drill and for the life of me, for a week strait, I couldn’t get the drill right. After that, the drill was named, “the Squatch,” which is my nickname. About a week later, Coach referenced the drill in a game! I did finally master it, by the way.
What is the best part of playing for El Paso?
The best part of being a Rhino is how well the community takes care of you and how outrageously loud and hyped up the crowd is at home games.
What is something few people know about you?

I’m often accused of being country but what people don’t know about me is that I really like Lil Wayne’s music. It goes against the stereotype a little. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my southern rock and country music though.