Rez Chooses UTEP

Jeramy Rezaeepour is yet another former El Paso Rhino who will be joining the UTEP Hockey Club this year.

A talented forward, Rezaeepour made a tremendous contribution to the Rhinos offense for two seasons. He managed to put up 17 goals on the season in 2013-2014. Jeramy was also a playmaker, racking up 17 assists to put him at a total of 34 points throughout the season. At AAU Nationals, Rezaeepour impressively scored three goals in four games played.

After aiding the Rhinos in earning their first national championship title, the Wisconsin forward returned to the Sun City late in the 2014-2015 season. Nonetheless, his offensive expertise was significant in the Rhinos’ post season run. After posting three goals in nine regular season games, Rezaeepour tallied three goals and three assists in the playoffs.  

The UTEP Hockey Club is very fortunate to have yet another talented former Rhino on their side. We wish the best of luck this season to Jeramy Rezaeepour.

-Caleb Colmenero