Rhino Fight Song

Thanks to Rhino season ticket holder Danny Marquez, your Rhinos have a new fight song!

For months, avid Dallas Stars and El Paso Rhinos fan Danny Marquez worked on a song that would capture the raucous, hard-hitting nature of Rhino Hockey. On the rock track, not only did he write and meticulously produce the music, he played each instrument himself. He also used the vocals of Rhino public address announcer Jacob Meils to give the tune that familiar Rhino atmosphere feel.

Starting in June with the first summer All-Star game,  you’ll be able to hear Marquez’s creation at all Rhino games! The Rhinos’ organization is incredibly grateful that Danny Marquez shared his impressive talent with us. We can’t wait to hear it in the building packed with the #bestfansinjuniorhockey!