Rhino Rewards

Rhino Rewards is back for the off-season! Starting May 15, Rhino fans can enter and scan codes to earn great Rhino prizes that include jackets and replica jerseys! 

During the months of May, June, July and August, fans can earn codes and points by: 

  • going to public skating 
  • attending Rhino events 
  • downloading the app
  • participating in designated contests
  • the newsletter
  • checking the website and app news articles
  • following us on social media

At the end of August, the fan with the most points acquired (even if they’ve been redeemed) will receive tickets to the 2015-2016 home opener.  

We encourage all Rhino fans to redeem all of their points prior to August 31, 2015. Accumulated points this season will nottransfer over to the 2015-2016 season. The in-season Rhino Rewards program will begin September 1. 

Start off with 25 points by typing in the code: SITEAPPINFO

For more information on how to earn, enter, and redeem points, click here