Rhinos Adopt Orphaned Rhino

Karrie Kern, Chief Executive Officer of the United States operations branch of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force went to a hockey match recently where the El Paso Rhinos hockey team were playing. After the match, she stopped by the team\’s bus, admiring the picture of a rhino on the bodywork. She struck up a conversation with the Head Coach, Cory Herman and told him about Tatenda. She jokingly suggested the El Paso Rhinos adopt Tatenda as a mascot and the Rhino organization thought it was a great idea.

We are  now very proud and delighted to announce that the El Paso Rhinos hockey team in America has very kindly offered to adopt Tatenda. This does not mean they will be physically taking him to America, but that they will be paying for his food until he is weaned and any expenses that may arise thereafter. We are extremely grateful to them for this wonderful gesture and we are very encouraged that the sporting fraternity has taken such an interest in wildlife in Zimbabwe. We will be sending regular video footage and photos of Tatenda to the Rhino organization which they will be putting on the El Paso Rhinos\’ website www.elpasorhinos.com. We would like to wish the El Paso Rhinos the best of luck and we are sure they will be unbeatable having a mascot like Tatenda.

The Rhinos will be sending a Christmas care package to Tatenda and the workers that take care of him.  If you would like to send something in the care package please email info@elpasohockey.org or call the Rhino office at 915-479-PUCK

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