Rhinos and Mudbugs Split Series

Apr 18, 2022

Friday: El Paso 5 @ Shreveport 1 – Rhinos are on the road this weekend as they travel to Shreveport Louisiana to face off against the Mudbugs. Both teams stormed the ice at the start of the first period as a fierce battle played out. For 15 minutes neither team could score until Jack Mack would shoot the Mudbugs into the lead with the first goal of the night. Bo Cosman took revenge not even a minute later to tie up the game at 1-1. The second period saw the Mudbugs continue to put up a strong defense as Rhino players slowly whittled away at the edges. With less than three minutes to go in the second period, Alexander Babich sinks the puck in the net off a power play for the Rhinos followed closely behind by Donovan O’Neil with yet another goal. Going into the third period the Rhinos would lead over the Mudbugs 3-1. With the Mudbugs now playing catch-up Donovan O’Neil presses the Rhino advantage to score the Rhinos, and himself, another goal. Alexander Babich takes one last point for the Rhinos to end the game at a 5-1 lead over the Mudbugs.

Saturday: El Paso 0 @ Shreveport 5 – Mudbugs play host one last time for the series as the visiting El Paso Rhinos meet them on the ice. After last night’s defeat the Mudbugs take to the rink set on revenge. Austin Brimmer would spearhead the Mudbug’s offense by being the only player to score in the first period. The Mudbugs would continue to go on the attack in the second period, scoring three goals in sequence. Connor Gatto snagged the first goal with a follow-up goal by Logan Gotinsky and Burke Simpson to round out the period. The Rhinos would go into the third period at a 4-0 deficit. Mudbugs would take one last score in the third period thanks to Niklas Miller. Mudbugs would come out on top with a 5-0 shutout victory over the Rhinos.