Rhinos Swept by Ice Wolves

Feb 20, 2022

Friday: El Paso 2 @ Ice Wolves 3: The night saw the Rhinos & The Ice Wolves battle it out in the first game of the series. The Rhino’s Hayden Cox takes the first goal of the series 3:50 into the first period to start the game with an early lead. Noah Easterson scores yet another for the Rhinos during the second with the Ice Wolves’ very own Joe Prouty sinking one into the net. With less than two minutes left on the clock the Ice Wolves’ Dillan Bentley ties the game at 2-2, sending the game into a shootout. Jan Olenginski and Jonathan Horn fail to score any goal for the Rhinos as Jake Keller and Dilan Bentley both score goals,

Saturday: El Paso 2 @ Ice Wolves 5: Ice Wolves take the early lead in the first as Dilan Bentley and Brandon Holt take the first two goals. Nick Turek of the Rhinos brings the team the first goal of the game 5:28 into the second period. The Ice Wolves’ Nicloas Haviar increases their lead further which is responded to by the Rhinos’ Jonathan Horn who scored the final goal for the Rhinos this game. Dillan Bentley scores once more for the Ice Wolves as the second period game to an end. Mitchell Becker puts the final period on the game as the Ice Wolves score their fifth and final goal of the night.

Sunday: El Paso 0 @ Ice Wolves 3: The Rhinos and Ice Wolves took to the ice this Sunday for their final game of the series. Dilan Bentley of the Ice Wolves chalks up the first score of the night halfway through the first period. Ice wolves take another score in the second period, increasing their lead to 2-0 over the Rhinos. Brandon Holt brings the game to an end with one last score for the Ice Wolves. Beni Halasz earns himself a shutout as the Rhinos failed to sneak the puck past his guard.