Rhinos Fall to Blazers, 7-2, in Game 1

The Rhinos traveled to Oklahoma City for the first game of the series against the infamous rivals, the Oklahoma City Blazers. The first game ended with the Blazers on top, 7-2, on Friday night.

OKC took the first lead of the night as Luke Novack slid in past Tymen Edelkoort. Soon after the scoring victory, the host team suffered a minor roughing penalty but, OKC made way for another goal before the end of the first period.

The second period consisted of Oklahoma City’s 3-0 lead as the second period concluded.

Into the third period, Kirill Romanov slid passed Edelkoort once again for a 4-0 lead. OKC scored twice more, but El Paso ended the third period strong. Phil Puligese slid a goal passed OKC, Drennen Atherton for the first Rhino goal of the night. Puligese struck again with the help of his linemates, Jayden Ritchie and Brody Surette. The first night of the series ended with a score of 7-2, in favor of the Blazers. Despite the score, Edelkoort had a .8372 save percentage between the three periods.

-Yazmen McCaskill