Rhinos swept by Wranglers 5-1 in Game 2

Mar 4, 2023

Friday, Amarillo Wranglers 3 @ El Paso Rhinos 0 – Rhinos are hosting this weekend as the Wranglers come pay a visit. First off tonight is Jack McDonald scoring to put the Wranglers on the board first. McDonald doubles the score with another goal in the second period as well for two points from him tonight. The match itself up to this point had been relatively peaceful with only one goal a period, but tensions between players rose as we had some roughing penalties tossed out early in the third period. Just when it seems that the Wranglers would take a 2-0 victory, Blake Farrell swoops in with a last minute goal to extend their lead to 3-0 over the Rhinos. Amarillo went on to take the victory for Game 1.

Saturday, Amarillo Wranglers 5 @ El Paso Rhinos 1 – Returning for Game #2 of the series the Rhinos once more host the Wranglers. Wranglers are first on the board tonight as Ben Ivey puts them on the board first and just over eight minutes into the period. Wranglers went on to score a second goal before the period was out to set the score at 2-0 headed into the second period. At a little under six minutes into the second period the Wranglers’ Roman Zap increased their lead to 3-0 followed just a few minutes later by the Rhinos’ Ryan Gingher scoring to end the period at 3-1. Zap continues to be a strong player for the wranglers, scoring just 26 seconds into the third period, further increasing their lead. Finally Ivey scored his second goal of the night for Amarillo to award them the victory 5-1 over the Rhinos.