Rhinos Swept by Wranglers

Friday: El Paso 1  @ Amarillo Wranglers 4 –  Rhinos & Wranglers faced off Friday night with their first of a two-game series. Wranglers take the early lead tonight as Glebs Prohorenkovs sinks the puck in the net. The Wranglers go into the first intermission with a 1-0 lead over the Rhinos. CJ Zezima takes the spotlight scoring two goals for the Wranglers spaced throughout the period. Ian carpenter puts the Rhinos on the board deep into the second period with a goal at the 14:48 mark, cutting the Wranglers’ lead to 3-1. Danylo Korzhyletskyi gives the Wranglers one last score for the night in the third period, finalizing the game at 4-1, Rhinos trailing behind.

Saturday: El Paso 3 @ Amarillo Wranglers 5 – Game 2 begins as the Rhinos & Wranglers return to the ice, ready to rough it out once more. The Wranglers’ Danylo Korzhyletskyi sprints into action with a goal only 32 seconds after the puck drops. Bo Cosman doesn’t allow the wranglers to stay in the lead however, bringing a goal for the Rhinos to tie the game at 1-1 at the end of the first period. With the second period underway, both teams seek to gain any advantage possible. Glebs Prohorenkovs eventually sees an opening and scores once more for the Wranglers. Korzhyletskyi  follows a few minutes later with his second goal of the night. With two more goals for the Wranglers, the Rhino’s very own Jack Anderson responds by taking goal off of a power play. With a minute left to go in the second period, Kristaps Skrastins increases the Wranglers’ lead to 4-2 over the Rhinos. With the game heating up in the third period, Nathan Gagne finds his way to the net to score one last time for the Rhinos. Skrastins takes his second, and final goal of the night as the game wraps up with a 5-3 victory for the Wranglers.


-Alex Babcock