Brahmas Double Down on Rhinos

Feb 26, 2022

Friday: Lone Star Brahmas 4 @ El Paso 1 : Lone Star Brahmas take the first goal of the series with Nicholas Niemo scoring the latter half of the first period. Matt McQuade and Artur Turansky open up the second period with two more goals for the Brahmas as the Rhinos’ Blake Arneson puts the team on the board. Johan Rosenquist puts the finishing touches on the game with one last goal for the Brahmas deep into the third period, ending the game at 4-1.

Saturday: Lone Star Brahmas 5 @ El Paso 1 : Brahmas once again take the early lead with Nicholas Niemo taking the first point of the match. The Rhinos would come back a few minutes later as Hayden Cox scores the only goal of the night for the Rhinos. From here on out it was all Brahmas as Logan Tobias and Ben Zimmerman finish off the first period. The game slowed down as the second period saw only Dylan Smith of the Brahmas scoring a single goal. Finally Tanner Daniels wraps up the game with one final goal solidifying the Brahmas 5-1 victory over the Rhinos.