Mudbugs sweep Rhinos 2-0 in Game 2

Friday, El Paso Rhinos 0 @ Shreveport Mudbugs 3 – Rhinos are once more on the road this week as we face off against the Shreveport Mudbugs. Shreveport took one goal per period tonight in a complete shutout over the Rhinos. Alex Park at 16:22 into the first, Jake Mack at 16:03 in the second, and Garrett Steele taking goal #3 with just over a minute left in the third period. Game #1 is over, but we return to the ice tomorrow for Game #2.

Saturday, El Paso Rhinos 0 @ Shreveport Mudbugs 2 – Game #2 starts off with Rhinos hoping to split the series with the Mudbugs. The first period ended with not only no scoring, but no penalties either. This scoreless period leads us into the second period where the Mudbugs show their hand with Jack Mack taking first goal of the night at 4:22 into the period. Mudbugs double their score as Hayden Nichol scores at 8:55 in the period. With no more scoring in the third period, we conclude the game at a 2-0 mudbug victory.