Rhinos split final series with Mudbugs 2-0

Apr 15, 2023

Friday, Shreveport Mudbugs 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 4 – Rhinos host the Shreveport Mudbugs for the final game of the season tonight here in El Paso, Texas. Rhinos strike first tonight, trampling over the Mudbugs’ defense as E.J. Janda gives us two goals in just over five minutes. Ryan Gingher tops off the period with one more to give El Paso a 3-0 lead going into the second period. After first intermission the Mudbugs’ defense adapts to Rhino aggression to prevent any scoring this period. After one final break the Mudbugs finally make a dent in El Paso’s lead as Jake Mack gives them their first goal of the night followed immediately followed by Drake Morse for two back-to-back goals. With the Rhinos leading 3-2, Shreveport tries for one last offensive to hopefully send the game into overtime. Unfortunately for the Mudbugs, E.J. Janda shows up once again to earn himself a Hat trick and give the Rhinos the victory 4-2 in game #1

Saturday, Shreveport Mudbugs 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 0 – With the final game of the regular season weighing on both team’s heads, Rhinos once more play host to the Shreveport Mudbugs here in El Paso, Texas. Drake Morse puts the Mudbugs up on the board first tonight with a goal at just 2:40 into the period. Shreveport defense holds to prevent any Rhino scoring for the remainder of the period to give the Mudbugs a 1-0 lead over the Rhinos moving into the second. Morse once again graces the Mudbugs with yet another score deep into the second period to increase their lead to 2-0 as Rhinos still can’t make a dent in their defense. With one last period to go the Rhinos finally start to hold off any further advances by the Mudbugs, but fail to make up any ground themselves leading to a scoreless third period. Shreveport takes game 2 in a decisive 2-0 victory to split the series with the Rhinos.