Rhinos split series with Jackalopes

Feb 25, 2023

Friday, Odessa Jackalopes 5 @ El Paso Rhinos 4 – Rhinos welcome the Odessa Jackalopes this weekend as we start a 2-game series. Odessa starts out strong tonight taking the early game momentum by scoring the first goal of the night, courtesy of Cameron Dunn. Odessa continues their aggression with a second goal with just 5 minutes left in the period as we head into intermission leading 2-0 over the Rhinos. Just as quickly as the puck hits the ice for the second period, Rhinos player Camden Bajzer manages to score at a mere 24 seconds, cutting the Jackalopes’ lead in half. The score would sit at 2-1 for the next twelve minutes until Noah Marino regains the 2-point lead for the Jackalopes by snagging another goal. Fortunately the Rhinos would clap back with one more goal of their own too end the period at 3-1, Odessa leading. Once more Camden Bajzer gives us an early period goal to tie the game at 3-3 at the start of the third. With the game now kicked into high gear both teams take every opportunity they can get, ending in one more goal for each team; William Marshall for the Jackalopes and Tyler Green for the Rhinos respectively. As the score game to a 4-4 tie at the end of regulation time we would be sent into overtime, and eventually a shootout after no scores in extra time. Odessa’s John Perdion took first point in the shootout, followed by 5 consecutive whiffs. As Perdion was the only player to make a shot in shootout, the Jackalopes would take the victory 5-4 over the Rhinos.

Saturday, Odessa Jackalopes 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 3 – Rhinos & Jackalopes take to the ice for a second time this weekend to begin game #2. Jackalopes are on the attack tonight taking back-to-back goals just 13 seconds apart at just three minutes. We’d see only two goals in the early game which wouldn’t be contested until the second period. Rhinos’ player Camden Bajzer puts the first point up on board at t he 8:07 mark to cut the Jackalopes’ lead in half and we’d head into the third period at a 2-1 game. Bajzer continues to give his A-game this period to tie the game at 2-2. With the game now at a stalemate and time running out, both teams put their defense into overdrive and sending us into overtime. Even in extra time neither team could gain any advantage over the other, sending us into a shootout. We’d see 9 total unsuccessful shots until Frank Tafelski gives the Rhinos the win with the very last shot of the night. Rhinos take the victory 3-2 over the Jackalopes to split the series.