Roommate Trivia

Apr 16, 2015

With the second leg of playoff games about to begin, it was time once again to help the boys relax before they hit the road to Idaho. After a long season together, it was time to find out which roommate knew one of their fellow roommates better. The Rhinos are always down for any type of competition.

The first group consists of Koler Kanistanaux, Jesse Esposito and Gavin Abbott. They were tested on their knowledge of roommate Adam Vay.

Favorite Color:

Koler: ‘Red.”

Jesse: “White.”

Gavin: “Blue.”

Correct Answer: “I don’t have one.” – No points awarded

Favorite Song:

Koler: “I Don’t Mess With You.” (Hip-hop song by Big Sean)

Jesse: “I don’t know.”

Gavin: “Shower, by Becky G.”

Correct Answer: “I Don’t Mess With You.” – 1 point for Koler

Favorite Food:

Koler: “Some Hungarian soup.”

Jesse: “Hungarian pea soup.”

Gavin: “Yeah, the Hungarian pea soup.”

Correct Answer: “I have two favorites. The Hungarian pea soup and potato and sausage together with Hungarian spices. I cook it all…. they eat it.” – ½ point for Koler, 1 point for Jesse and Gavin

Favorite NHL Player:

Koler: (Alex) “Ovechkin.”

Jesse: (Carey) “Price.”

Gavin: “I don’t know… Pekka Rinne?”

Correct Answer: “Price… Carey Price.” – 1 point for Jesse

Favorite Sport (Not Hockey):

Koler: “I don’t know.”

Jesse: “MMA.”

Gavin: “He’s a UFC dude.”

Correct Answer: “Tennis… just kidding, MMA.” – 1 point for Jesse and Gavin

What would he be doing if he didn’t play hockey?

Koler: “He’d probably try to professionally fight.”

Jesse: “Professionally fight or goalie coach.”

Gavin: “I think people would hire him to do their dirty work and he would just absolutely destroy people.”

Correct Answer: “I want to be a professional fighter and a goalie coach too.” – 1 point for Koler, 2 points for Jesse

Ideal Pet:

Koler: “A fish.”

Jesse: “A dog.”

Gavin: “Like a tiger for sure… or a little leopard/lion/tiger”

Correct Answer: “A tiger and dog.” – 1 point for Jesse, 1 point for Gavin

Favorite Holiday:

Koler: “I don’t know if Hungary has holidays.”

Jesse: “Christmas.”

Gavin: “Maybe Easter?”

Correct Answer: “Summer.” – Minus one point for Vay for thinking Summer is a holiday

Favorite Fast Food:

Koler: “Umm… he’s too healthy.”

Jesse: “I don’t think he has one.”

Gavin: “fast food for him is like a salad… chicken salad.”

Correct Answer: “Chicken salad.” – 1 point for Gavin

Final Score: Koler: 2 ½, Jesse: 6, Gavin: 3, Vay: -1 – Winner: Jesse Esposito


The next group of roommates is Jeramy Rezaeepour and Jordan Cullum competing to see who knows John Bowen better.

Favorite Color:

Rez: “Black.”

Jordan: “Black.”

Correct Answer: “Purple. Seriously.” – No points

Favorite Song:

Rez: “Is it Sam Hunt – Leave the Night On?”

Jordan: “I have no idea.”

Correct Answer: “Rez is correct.” – 1 point for Rez

Favorite Food:

Rez: “Spaghetti, I guess.”

Jordan: “Spaghetti.”

Correct Answer: “Seafood.” – No points

Favorite NHL Player:

Rez: “Anyone who fights.”

Jordan: “I think he likes either Ovechkin or (Jakub) Voracek. He likes those Philly guys.”

Correct Answer: “I’d have to say Ovechkin.” – ½ point for Jordan for guessing twice.

Worst Hockey Injury:

Rez: “He broke his ankle.”

Jordan: “He got something on his arm and had surgery.”

Correct Answer: “I had MRSA on my arm and had to get surgery on it.” – 1 point for Jordan

Talk to on the Phone the Most:

Rez: “His girlfriend.”

Jordan: “Girlfriend. 100%.”

Correct Answer: “Yeah.” – 1 point for each roommate

Favorite Sport (Not Hockey):

Rez: “Football?”

Jordan: “Lacrosse maybe?”

Correct Answer: “Lacrosse.” – Jordan, again.

What Job Would He Do Outside of Hockey:

Rez: “Umm… fishing boat.”

Jordan: “Working on a fishing boat.”

Correct Answer: “Fishing boat.” – 1 point each

Favorite TV Show:

Rez: “Wicked Tuna.”

Jordan: “He likes History and Discovery, I know that.”

Correct Answer: “Wicked Tuna and Sons of Anarchy.” – 1 point for Rez

Ideal Pet:

Rez: “His hunting dog.”

Jordan: “Yeah, his hunting dog.”

Correct Answer: “Yeah, I love my hunting dog.” – 1 point for each

Favorite Holiday:

Rez: “Christmas.”

Jordan: “Summer.”

Correct Answer: “Thanksgiving for sure. I love to eat.” – Minus 1 point for Jordan also thinking Summer is a holiday

Favorite Fast Food:

Rez: “Rudy’s, if that’s fast food.”

Jordan: “Rudy’s.”

Correct Answer: “Five Guys.” – No Points

Final Score: Rez: 5, Jordan: 4 ½  – Winner: Jeramy Rezaeepour


The last set of roommates is Lukas Znosko, Mitch Cobby, Brennan Johnsson and Patrick Gleason competing to see who knows roommate Ryan Buttazzoni best.

Favorite Color:

Lukas: “Red.”

Mitch: “Red.”

Brennan: “Red.”

Patty: “Red.”

Correct Answer: “Red and blue.” – 1 point for everyone

Favorite Song:

Lukas: “Anything Hannah Montana.”

Mitch: “Backstreet Boys.”

Brennan: “Justin Bieber.”

Patty: “Just a Little Too Late – By JoJo.”

Correct Answer: “Sunny and 75 (by Joe Nichols).” – No points

Favorite Food:

Lukas: “He eats a lot of chicken pasta.”

Mitch: “Ice cream.”

Brennan: “Taco Bell.”

Patty: “DiGiorno Pizza for sure.”

Correct Answer: “Chicken and pasta.” – 1 point for Lukas

Favorite NHL Player:

Lukas: “Carey Price.”

Mitch: “Carey Price.”

Brennan: “Yeah, it’s Carey Price.”

Patty: “Not Carey Price.”

Correct Answer: “Carey Price.” – 1 point for everybody but Patty

Talk to on the Phone the Most:

Lukas: “His mom.”

Mitch: “Mom.”

Brennan: “Pam, his mom.”

Patty: “Pamela, for sure. I talk to her a lot, too”

Correct Answer: “Mom and dad for sure.” – 1 point for everyone

Favorite Sport (Not Hockey):

Lukas: “Quad and dirt biking.”

Mitch: “Outdoorsy dirt biking stuff.”

Brennan: “Badminton.”

Patty: “Working on his truck… if that’s a sport.”

Correct Answer: “Being outdoors – dirt biking.” – 1 point for Lukas and Mitch

Favorite Movie:

Lukas: “Frozen.”

Mitch: “American Sniper.”

Brennan: “Spy Kids.”

Patty: “Along Came Polly.”

Correct Answer: “American Sniper probably is my favorite movie.” – 1 point for Mitch

Favorite TV Show:

Lukas: “You stumped me there.”

Mitch: “Breaking Bad.”

Brennan: “The Brady Bunch.”

Patty: “How I Met Your Mother.”

Correct Answer: “Breaking Bad, probably.” – 1 point for Mitch, again

Ideal Pet:

Lukas: “Chipmunk.”

Mitch: “Fish.”

Brennan: “Cat.”

Patty: “Umm… I’m gonna have to go with a cat.”

Correct Answer: “Dogs.” – No points

Favorite Holiday:

Lukas: “Easter.”

Mitch: “Thanksgiving.”

Brennan: “Halloween.”

Patty: “I’d say Christmas.”

Correct Answer: “Christmas, cause I get to go home and see my family.” – 1 point for Patty

Favorite Fast Food:

Lukas: “Taco Bell.”

Mitch: “Subway.”

Brennan: “Taco Bell.”

Patty: “McDonalds.”

Correct Answer: “Definitely Subway.” – 1 point for Mitch, yet again

Final Score: Lukas: 4, Mitch: 7, Brennan: 3, Patty: 3   – Winner: Mitch Cobby


Jason Green