Ryan Buttazzoni

Sep 17, 2015

Ryan Buttazoni will return for yet another season of Rhino Hockey in 2015-2016. This will be Buttazoni’s third year in the Sun City playing for the Rhinos, and he will look to contribute as a goal-tender again.

At 6’3’’ and 210 lbs., Buttazoni will be sure to protect anything from coming near the net. In 2014-2015, Buttazoni received a significant amount of playing time for the Rhinos, and it was not a disappointment. He started nine games and played a total of 543 minutes. His save percentage was excellent, averaging a whopping .943% throughout the season.

It is safe to say that Buttazoni is going to help the Rhinos make another playoff push as he continues to refine his techniques on the ice. Any team can use solid depth at every position, and Buttazoni simply makes the Rhinos even better.


-Caleb Colmenero